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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
in Anthem, AZ

Laser hair removal is one the longest-lasting, most effective ways to eliminate unwanted hair. At Amethyst Salon & Med Spa, we offer safe, effective treatment from qualified technicians. Our spa has the latest equipment and training certificates to ensure a positive experience and excellent results.


Before we start laser treatment, we require that you consult with us in person so we can assess the number of treatments needed and whether laser hair removal is the best choice for you.

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Shaved Legs

Get Smooth Skin at Our Med Spa

Many modern laser hair removal clinics have solutions that lessen the pain. We can use numbing creams, and our skilled technicians adjust the machines to make the process as gentle as possible without sacrificing results. 


Since different hair follicles grow at different rates, you will need multiple sessions to remove all the hairs in one area. Hair removal can last for years, eliminating the need to shave or wax!


Before your visit, we ask that you prepare according to our instructions. This includes staying out of the sun and not waxing or plucking hairs, because that can affect the hair follicle and make the laser treatment ineffective.


Contact our day spa today to schedule your consultation so we can make sure you’re a good fit for this procedure!

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