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Hair Extensions
in Anthem, AZ

Hair extensions are the perfect solution when you want to make your hair longer or more voluminous. At Amethyst Salon & Med Spa, we use extensions both for everyday hairstyles and glamorous, elaborate styles. Adding more volume or length opens up a world of possibilities for your hair. 

Woman with long blonde hair extension.jpg
Hair colors palette

High-Quality Hair Extensions

Our skilled esthetician uses high-quality extensions. Whether you prefer synthetic or human hair, we have an option that will blend seamlessly with your hair. We make sure to install all extensions carefully, ensuring that they look natural. Your hair stylist will find the perfect color match for you. If you want a contrasting color, we can install extensions to add highlights or streaks of color.


With proper hair care, extensions can last for months, depending on how you use them and how they are installed. We pride ourselves on helping clients enhance their beauty in many different ways!

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