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Hair Cuts

Custom Hair Cuts in Anthem, AZ

Amethyst Salon & Med Spa specializes in hair cuts for women of all ages. We take our time to ensure each cut is perfect and that our clients are satisfied. Our goal is to make our clients feel confident and powerful after each haircut. 


We have amazing stylists on our team who consult with you before they start cutting. They can give you a new haircut or maintain your current style. Whether you want a simple, traditional style or the latest hair trend, we’ll make sure your hair looks great at the end of your appointment.

Women's haircut scissors at salon.jpg
Blonde Wavy Hair

The Best Local Hair Salon

We give each client the care and attention they need and always provide the best results in the Anthem area. With the help of our stylist, you can try an exciting new look or touch up your usual hairstyle. 


Although we specialize in women’s haircuts, we also cut hair for men and children. You can bring the whole family with you for haircuts, saving you time and energy. 


After your haircut, we can suggest a hair care routine and products that will give you the same look you got in the salon. We’ll teach you how to style your hair at home. Call us today to book an appointment with a hair stylist!

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