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Hair Coloring Services

Touching up your hair color is the perfect confidence booster. You can trust the stylists at Amethyst Salon & Med Spa to help you achieve the perfect shade. 


Our team can cover gray hair, add highlights, or help you achieve a total hair makeover. If you want to make a dramatic change, such as from black hair to blonde, we will plan out your hair journey to get you there without damaging your hair beyond repair.

 hairdresser coloring hair.jpg
Blonde hair with highlights.jpeg

Hair Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights enhance your natural hair color by adding variation. We can add highlights to frame your face and create more depth to your locks.


We do a variety of highlight styles, whether you prefer a chunky look or very subtle, natural highlights. Balayage is one of our most popular requests, and it’s easy to see why. Balayage is flattering, looks great when curled, and grows out gracefully instead of creating a harsh line in your hair.


Lowlights, on the other hand, add shadows to your hair, which is a great choice for blonde and light tresses. The result will add some subtle volume and definition. 


Whatever hair color you choose, a hair stylist from our team will make sure it is exactly what you envisioned. Call us today to set up your appointment with us in Anthem, AZ!

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